A World Of Fine Art - Series Overview

You will find here below a couple of Architectural Fine Art Series I am working on. Each series has its own main goal and a common "processing" identity throughout the overall images. Further explanation and description are wiritten here below along with the images from each series.

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Leading Lines Series

As Architectural photographer, I am fascinated by the curves, shapes and leading lines in urbanscape. I love to play with those elements to give dimension to my subjects and catch up the eyes towards the essential element of the composition.

This series is threrefore all about leading lines running though the image as a guide of my artisitic photography journey....

Fut(Urban)Scape Series

This series is dedicated to Urbanscape within a dark futuristic look to create my own vision of those locations. The first step was to shot those buildings under different angles to give more depth to the composition. I used afterwards in post-processing different technics (such as split toning and low key editing) to develop the unity throughout the whole images. The guiding principle of the series is therefore to revisit Urbanscape location within a dark and moody futuristic identity...

Urban Tales Series

Have you ever felt this feeling? You are walking somewhere or you are reaching one location and felt this location has "soul". You don't really know why, sometimes you don't really understand why but in all cases, you know there is something above your sense.

This series highlights this specific feeling that everybody has already encountered in his life, but regarding urbanscape. I personnaly feel it in all of those location and I got the impression that those buildings tell me an urban story, a modern tale where human and skyscraper are closely linked.