Plexiglas Dibond Print

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About Plexiglas Dibond Print

Get the finest print with the Plexiglas Dibond print! It is the best way to display the photo and with no doubt the highest quality materials, the one shows off in gallery!

The picture is printed behind a 4mm acrylic glass plate and supported on the backside with an aluminium plate. This way you can give your print brilliant depth and incredible colors pop up and contrast, perfect for any colorful image such as sunset, sunrise and so on....


Frame And Wall Mount

The gallery print doesn't really need any frame and can be easily hang on wall through his railing mount system. The gallery print has as well the benefit of its cleaning easiness as you can use a window cleaner or just a dry wipe on the acrylic glass plate without any worry regarding your print.

If you are seeking for the most elegant and classy print, go ahead with the gallery print!!!